Understanding Humans for a Better World

Mike Mann’s second book teaches that each person has the power and responsibility to make the world better. By addressing unacceptable human behaviors like fear, greed, and envy, Applied Evolution lays out the path to world peace and prosperity. Instead of fighting, we can choose good government, research, and faith to redirect trillions in wasted time and money to solve huge problems. This will not only benefit the world, but also our families and ourselves.

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The Book

Why do people behave the way they do and what can be done about it? Can we use this information to “save the world”? In this modest book I intend to completely answer these questions, and confidently move us forward together in the right direction.

This book, Applied Evolution – Leveraging Natural Selection and Human Behavior for Peace, is the second in a series of three books I intend to complete, each with the goal of changing the world from its own perspective.

My first book, “Make Millions and Make Change!”, takes a business perspective, this second book takes a behavioral and genetic approach to changing the world, and my third book will be called “Fixing Government”, which will document best practices for much better public servitude and lawmaking, and its surrounding infrastructure and bureaucracies accordingly.

Each book will have uniquely powerful and potent ideas for global prosperity and happiness; and when combined their power will compound, making us ready for anything including being unstoppable tools for social good.

The purpose of this book is to get everyone focused on empirical truths that guide our world, including facts of science, math, history, and genetics. Once we truly focus on reality, we can better control our interconnected global society, and push forward with a positive proactive narrative to our families benefit; for your children’s better future; a more peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.

From a behavioral perspective, the main issues we will address that are currently suppressing world peace and prosperity are fear, greed and envy which follow basic precepts of human behavior and natural selection that we can readily identify.


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