Applied Evolution

Why do people behave the way they do and what can be done about it? Can we use this information to “save the world”? In this modest book I intend to completely answer these questions, and confidently move us forward together in the right direction.

This book, Applied Evolution – Leveraging Natural Selection and Human Behavior for Peace, is the second in a series of three books I intend to complete, each with the goal of changing the world from its own perspective.

My first book, “Make Millions and Make Change!”, takes a business perspective, this second book takes a behavioral and genetic approach to changing the world, and my third book will be called “Fixing Government”, which will document best practices for much better public servitude and lawmaking, and its surrounding infrastructure and bureaucracies accordingly.

Each book will have uniquely powerful and potent ideas for global prosperity and happiness; and when combined their power will compound, making us ready for anything including being unstoppable tools for social good.

The purpose of this book is to get everyone focused on empirical truths that guide our world, including facts of science, math, history, and genetics. Once we truly focus on reality, we can better control our interconnected global society, and push forward with a positive proactive narrative to our families benefit; for your children’s better future; a more peaceful, healthy and prosperous world.

From a behavioral perspective, the main issues we will address that are currently suppressing world peace and prosperity are fear, greed and envy which follow basic precepts of human behavior and natural selection that we can readily identify.

In fact, abhorrent behaviors of people are mostly like those of animals in the jungle, and cavemen from ancient caves, although they are being perpetuated by seemingly rational functioning individuals. Those supposedly rational people actually have a “subconscious” drive which is inaccessible by definition, indicating they are lacking appropriate consciousness and self-actualization when they act out.

Again by definition, we are saying there are abhorrent people with abhorrent behaviors that are ostensibly “wrong” within their thinking. Knowing and being able to transmit the truth, we will change them, documenting and delivering long term mutual benefit.

Humans are innately good, not evil, and generally want to improve themselves and the world. Sometimes it may seem hard to tell. But “goodness” is the very reason we have so much peace, prosperity, happiness, love, care and kindness within our humanity. Our goodness is the reason we can learn and teach and improve upon any negative human paradigms being created currently in our local and global ego-driven struggles for resources and dominance. This is the very reason that when we teach the truth in scale, the masses will believe and follow. They follow aggravated lies now en masse, so why assume they won’t work and live with “truth” once appropriately saturated with clear, high quality perpetual positive messaging. (“Text me some smiles”)

Our struggles between good and evil, nice and not so nice, fair and unfair, crime and justice, etc. will go on forever. But we can review history, science, economics and common sense; understand it, and put it back together in documented Best Practices to help us make important life decisions. Leveraging best practices we should constantly push social lines to create greater ‘goodness’ for our families’ futures, and those of our many global families and groups; billions of us are in on this together for better or worse. So here we are in this document proposing simple, workable solutions for “better”.

We can fight with weapons and bad words, or choose good words, good government, good research, good data, good intentions, good faith efforts; and redirect trillions in wasted time and money each year towards simple plans at solving big problems, which world leaders will rally behind.

The National Education Association has an agenda that is not so much in your best interests, The NRA has an agenda, other lobbyists have agendas, US Congresspeople have agendas, Al-Qaeda has an agenda, but they’re mostly lame and not in your families best interests. So therefore we should focus and make serious Best Practices our global mutual agenda to promote; leveraging great people and ideas and shooting down innumerable lame, selfish ones. Ultimately “crowdsourcing” “the truth”.

Character, or lack thereof. People with narratives, i.e., everyone, be they false and horrible, or true, they stubbornly reinforce whatever they narrated in the first place. Some get caught lying a lot, but their egos are so myopic and selfish, and they have all their time, money and social manipulations invested in those narratives, that they will never go out of character.
Therefore, if everyone is in character all the time, and they learned those anomalous viral negative behaviors by accidentally or purposefully adopting the behaviors and teachings of global leaders and role models, we need to make sure future leaders do better, and give us what we want.

Keep in mind they are feeding it back to our families and businesses in the public and press and as role models, so if inefficient or ineffective they waste our time and money, make us work even harder, risk the safety, health and welfare of our families, and keep reinforcing negative paradigms like government fraud and abuse, crappy schools, spreading of disease, Wall Street, Hollywood, hate speech, etc.

So, in our studies and our struggle we should keep in mind the aforementioned basic human frailties in leadership: ego, fear and greed, and also keep in mind Maslow’s Theory of Human Needs: self-actualization, self-esteem, love, safety, and basic physiological needs (air, water, food, sleep, etc.)

The more we know about how people behave and will respond to positive and negative stimuli the better we can rebuild global politico-socio-economic systems and leverage the cooperation of billions of fellow humans who we understand better each day.

Therefore, the more likely we are to get ourselves to constantly vote better representatives in office, improve healthcare systems, improve technology services, and extensively enhance a variety of educational systems – leading to improved scientists, charity leaders, economists, programmers, journalists, and bloggers working hard and spreading the good word; displaying in word and in deed what it is we are doing here on earth together, and what are our mutual global aspirations.

While people are making bad decisions, as far as they know, or care, they are good. In fact, in most cases there is no empirical right or wrong in the first place, they will not be held to account anyhow, there are competing stimuli and necessities of life to compete with contemplative time, and dilemmas with no correct answer.

They are being logical, but sometimes lazy, in that the many inputs they used were biased and flawed subconsciously, often recklessly, leaving to a flawed but seemingly rational conclusion, which is naturally at odds with and butts heads with those who are relatively “correct” in their thinking and good for the world. If we were efficient, which we are not, we would have roughly the same info and all vote for centrist rational activities, and keep suppressing the opposite. Greater efficiency and savings of money, time, and therefore people’s lives is really possible across society if we care to create, document, and use good systems and processes together to solve our macro problems, ie, those pesky Best Practices again, which we cannot rationally avoid. Ignorance is the virus that may cause our money and time and lives to waste away, while truth and good practices is always an anecdote.

If we want to know the truth about anything, including a myriad of inputs in making critical life decisions, we have to take the time to create appropriate neural channels during our studies, to help us reach logical ideas on our inputs, so we are more likely to get nonbiased consensus actionable results.

There is enough clear information out there for everyone to live in peace and prosperity. To do so the perpetual psychological world war is one of Truth vs. Lies, justice vs. systemic crime.
Marketing, viral networking, crushing liars is the path to truth, freedom and prosperity for all. The world is out of balance. No justice, no peace. It could be a brutal fight til the end.

Everyone essentially sees themselves as “their narrative” which is a mosaic of their attitudes and experiences. Then we project our narrative on purpose or by accident to whomever we meet, in whatever we do. Everyone else’s narrative then affects all the others, creating us a viral global social consciousness and subconscious. This is the energy we want to tap and affect. Let’s attempt get everyone on the same page working for a better world with the same good information, ideas, best practice, making them easy to share and use. Hopefully this document will be a good start with which to work.

Average taxpaying consumers sometimes accidentally or purposefully adopt ideas of others, and when we are all added up it creates our “global consciousness”, which we can work on improving together every day in everything we do, for real personal and global community gains. Our global consciousness is currently mutated in my estimation, so we desperately need a formula for positive viral best practice vibes, to spread wide and attempt save everyone time, money, and duress, to leave a better world.

We don’t really need a narrative at all; we need to promote truth, education, peace, healthcare, in an unbiased narrative, just simple facts with no personality, spread far and wide
Without your narrative you’ll have nothing left to communicate, may as well go meditate with the Tibetan Monks.

Sometimes people are generously given things they mistakenly think they “deserved”, possibly leading to a sense of entitlement. The entitled might then mistakenly believe those outside their family circle of trust need to be “punished”, driven by subconscious fear, greed, envy and cruelty.

If someone were literally the only human in our world would they care about the arts, or is that merely social?, which arts?, their health?, wear clothes? All live in Florida? Drive what? What happens when your ego is gone, what will you do, will you talk to animals?, Kill them for food?
Why do people do what they do?, its all competitive for natural selection purposes, every system including financial and family is a subset of the bigger survival, mutation and reproduction picture and therefore mimics it in its self preservation and natural selection aspects. It’s not necessary for the subsets to mimic the parent, but they do so merely because competition is the most efficient method of everything, and it’s essentially our only frame of reference as we are merely a speck in the big picture. We didn’t create it and can barely comprehend it.

Is war or fighting with others ever the answer for humans? Ever a necessary evil? No, never, there are enough resources and information for all of us to share. One may unfortunately find themselves in a state of war, but its merely an indication of a failed system or status, or bad information. Possibly due to bad people who are selfish and don’t care, and an indicator that we failed to teach and train society on best practices, and allowed this cluelessness and danger to persist.

Emotions: jealousy love, hate, obsession, happiness – are ruling most decisions outside of Maslow’s basics, like other things either consciously or unconsciously. The more we focus our attention the better we see. The more spare peaceful time we have the better the pieces of the puzzle should come together to a more realistic, objective truth and less of an emotional subjective response to whatever is going on in our world.

One survival technique either conscious or subconscious, which was derived from nature and/or nurture is a superiority complex, and sometimes narcissism or even a Messianic complex (where one feels they are like Jesus or another deity and need to save or otherwise rule the world). Ideally if others believe the hype or reality, this person would ascend the socio-economic-military-sexual hierarchy, and earn more money and have more healthy offspring to carry on those potentially selfish traits.

People with this complex, if its subconscious or otherwise cluttered, are likely to hold themselves in society with high esteem to the extent of “self entitlement” a possible form of narcissism which could cause them to think the laws of the roads, stores, schools, and even governments and courts don’t apply directly to them, and they can act out accordingly, potentially believing rightly or wrongly that there are no consequences.

If one is believes they are superior, or just act that way anyhow, they may also be a control freak, a narcissist, who may therefore make unreasonable request of others or be oblivious to their own actions to the point of small or large-scale warfare (Saddam/Qaddafi, etc.). At one extreme they could do any evil illegal act with no remorse and the victims and society would be forced to make decisions in response. A society at war.

Sex: I really don’t want to speak on this subject, but there is no other way to write an accurate book about human behavior and natural selection since much of the other material directly or indirectly relates to human sexuality. The drive to procreate to continue our species, consciously or subconsciously, is the main motivational force driving the majority of actions of healthy people in the right age range, whatever else they may be doing the rest of the day.

I will regularly attempt to prove this theory in case studies throughout this book. Most of what people do is get educated and make money for a preponderanceof their adult waking hours. But the main use of this is for status and security in society, to attract and keep a mate and family. This is genetically locked in to all of us.

If our parents did not have the drive to procreate we would not exist and would not have inherited those same attributes. Plenty of potential people don’t exist because their parents were lacking this genetic advantage, the drive to have sex, a normal sex drive. But what is normal; normal includes mutations, trying new things to compete and get better results; but mutations include many anomalies, a lot of chaos, trouble and confusion.

Conscious vs subconscious action. Its fascinating how we make thousands of decisions big and small each day. The vast majority are happening in our subconscious’ because our minds couldn’t possibly manage so many natural motions and thoughts at the same time. Many of our daily processes are biological too and therefore don’t seem to require much brainpower like walking, talking, sleeping and eating, Maslow’s basics.

People need to be aware, conscious, of themselves, others, and their surroundings such that negativities of human culture don’t permeate their lives by accident. Pay attention, be aware, and consciously choose right thinking and actions for your benefit and that of others in need.

Punishment and reward, carrot and stick.

Being judgmental, could we or should we be open, and not judge others? Or how about ourselves, should we merely be or must we be critical and hold ourselves and others to account for something more than our nominal daily existence? Wont we be jobless and homeless and at risk if we don’t hold ourselves to account for something of social import?

Family, value systems, making own families vs. accidental/biological
What is the nature of “family” outside of the obvious, genetics? There is a sphere of “self” preservation that addresses this issue, with oneself and their immediate offspring at the core. People will do almost anything to protect those two entities, sometimes one more or less at the expense of the other to some degree, usually subconsciously.

The next layer ring in the circle surrounding the nucleus would be ones extended family, parents/siblings and possibly grandparents, next ring would include uncles and cousins and those equally close.

Then the next natural outlying ring to protect the family nucleus, consciously or subconsciously, would be ones immediate best friends, or their immediate neighbors or personal community/religious community.

A farther out ring would be your broader neighborhood. And then rings for the societies and institutions of city, then state, then country, then the entirety of people of your religion or socio-political beliefs, all the good people of the world is the final outlying ring in the circle of naturally selective protection.

In each case there could be a competitive or confused environment in which to operate, as mutation and natural selection would have it. Thanks Darwin. Ultimately we can all intersect all of our rings of self preservation to preserve us all appropriately together, in lock step, unlike today with all the crime, pollution, disease, taxes, hate, bad politics that prevail and hurt people and society overall.

Nature vs Nurture
What is really going on here and how can we account for our behaviors in this respect?
Firstly it’s an excellent guidepost for the rest of our discussions given that these really are the yin/yang truth of our competitive existence, our mutative biology. The object of this book is to “get it” and use it, apply it; evolution under our control, for our mutual best interests. Everything about us can be explained by focusing on nature or nurture or its intersection, they work together and compete to make you the most efficient living human, whether or not it works. It ultimately works one item and issue at a time for the most evolved mutated being in any area. However this pushing and pulling mutative paradox is best explained by looking at what it creates, a whole human, and how it does so.

One could ask, “What makes Mike so confident and competitive?”, traits that may have value to our future plans. Nature and nurture is the answer to all of it so let’s break down one simple example and see if we can apply it to everything else. Some imperfect potential answers to help guide us include, genetically the Jewish people are survivalists, the only ones with remaining genetics to spread avoided the Nazi’s, Hamas, Iran, Hezbollah, White Supremacists, Romans, and other lifetimes of hate and anti-Semitism, potentially making Jews naturally more paranoid, assertive, and hungry for resources on average than those with genetics of non-Jews. This is natural and nurturing for better or worse, and is merely an inexact illustration of some main points.

Next you could understand that Mike’s ancestors were known for being assertive and self confident for whatever reasons. So in Mike its genetic in his heritage, and they raised him, so it’s also nurturing, hence the well known balance of nature and nurture. Also Mike went to school for business, nurturing his natural instincts even more.

Next you could say that Mike at times has been deprived of resources which again makes him ever more hungry.

Add these and other items up compounded day after day, instance after instance, and you have me, a very assertive self confident individual.

I could lie and say otherwise but in fact this is what nature and nurture have delivered, again for better or worse. The issue is to use your skills and ideas, whatever they may be. Build on them in an evolutionary meaningful manner. And deliver the goods to your society. Save your children and grandchildren from additional social ills of crime, disease, pollution, bad government, mean people, subtle and overt hate and warfare.

Speaking. Why do we speak at all? Could we get by without it? Is it only for communicating relevant information for survival. Is everything we ever say exactly true or correct? Does it even matter?

I am not sure. But I believe with respect to survival, the vast majority of the precise communications we transmit comes from our subconscious, whereas only part of it is by our design. Almost all of it is in fact relevant to our survival broadly speaking but doesn’t necessarily always help and is not always precisely executed. Our consciouses and subconsiouses that are making millions of decisions are not hitting on target all the time, hence negative paradigms perpetuate for everyone, that need to be addressed from a variety of directions personally, locally and globally.

To the extent thoughts are perfectly managed, that would imply manipulation and presumptuousness, and not open mindedness to whatever else is happening, or worthy of more interpersonal/interactive communications, instead of selfish one sided certainty of direction (possibly a selfish bullying narrative that is not open to suggestions.)

But if many of our thoughts make no sense and we are interactively communicating those in society, and then they go viral, how does that leave our global paradigm? Should we not attempt to make more of everyone’s thoughts ostensibly good and correct for the broader benefit of our uniformly globally connected society?

Less war and welfare and disease for everyone? Free beer? (Im kidding) A better economy with happier people that don’t have to work so hard for basic survival? A world without such political oppression? Healthier bodies? Better prepared children?

OK, I win, this is obvious, this is our sacred obligation without doubt so the best I can do is propose the solutions in clear simple English, encourage everyone to build on them and act on them, and for all of us to spread the word far and wide and make sure it “works” by whatever means. Again we are talking your children’s future. This is not abstract or trivial of course.

So that’s how I roll. Big problems and ideas need sets of tangible solutions in order, on time and on budget as in business. And its always my job to document the problem or plan, and the first round of its evolving solutions, and then for myself and team to conquer the issue, by whatever means necessary within the confines of reality, the law, obvious moral items, etc.

I am sure you recall from my first book (at, that I am a believer and I will relentlessly pursue that which I believe. So in my case I believe we and this document will be changing the world for its better. I’m sure we already have, and can only do better and become more focused on achievable, yet tremendous, mutually globally beneficial goals. Again less disease, warfare, better educations, less crime, less substance abuse, better mental healthcare, better housing, better job training, more competitive America, etc.

Frankly, the human basics are huge enough even before we get in to politics, warfare, military efficiency, or more esoteric areas with less clear information and answers.