Book Reviews

“Most especially thanks for giving us both your book “”. I read it from cover to cover on the flight to Tokyo and found it incredibly inspiring – in fact it is now covered with highlighted passages and post it notes. I have sent the ISBN ref to a number of friends as a recommendation so, apart from them having the opportunity to read it, they can be inspired to help the helpless by choosing a charity or cause that can make a real difference in the world.”
-Robert Epstone on behalf of The Click Fund


“I just finished your first book (and will be buying your second)…Your advice has been extremely helpful for both my business and personal life…”
-Jim Sickorez


“Thanks for the wonderful book ‘MakeMillions.Com’. I don’t really care if i become a millionaire or not BUT after reading this book i am happy that i have great guidelines that can lead me to a well-balanced successful life. The experience of reading this book was more like reading some wonderful quotations. Every paragraph is like a wonderful quotation that if followed can easily lead to success and prosperity!”
-Ali Ibrahim


“I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised at how well this book addressed my personal goal, which is to develop a business that supports me while I support my community. This is no get rich scheme, but a no nonsense guide for moral people to succeed at what they love and help others while they do it. Mike’s proven success in today’s business world plus his association with are recommendation enough to read what he has to say, but the proof was in the pudding.

“Mike carefully outlines the essential elements for a successful business venture as well as explaining more unfamiliar concepts in accessible language. From branding and business plans to implementation and exceeding your competitors, he covers it all. When appropriate, he refers you to other well-respected sources of information on a given subject to augment what he covers. Although he gives enough information to grasp a solid understanding, I appreciate the recommended resources for those areas I want to delve into deeper.

“Simple to use and well-written, this is a book I will come back to often. It’s a carry-in-your-back-pocket type book that will end up dog-eared and well-worn by anyone serious about pursuing a business model that conforms to their moral code. We don’t have to sell out to the immorality of cut throat business practices to get ahead. Rather, Mike teaches us how our moral code helps ensure our success in a business we’re passionate about while contributing to the communities or causes we are also passionate about. As Mike shows, moral leverage is a powerful business tool.

“This is a must read for those thinking about starting a business as well as those already in one. Solid information and an uncomplicated formula for success. No experience necessary!”
-Serene Terra


“Mike Mann the author of MakeMillions.Com has written a must read for anyone interested in starting a business, running a business or just being able to earn enough money, to reach the achievements that are important to you. This book is written in an easy to understand format for normal everyday people, to teach you how to take the steps from beginning to end to achieve the goals needed. I found this book informative, enjoyable and down to earth. I feel some of the most important information given was that you have to work hard to get anywhere in starting a business. This means that your business is first and foremost before everything else including family and social activities. If you really want your business to succeed that is the hard truth. I feel an equally important point was made in the book about the importance in giving back to the environment and community when you reach your achievements. I feel that this is just something that is not pointed out enough or done. I recommend this book to anyone interested in making the most of life and achieving their financial dreams.”
-Heather Lea Moore


“Mike Mann’s MakeMillions.Com is a thoughtful overview of what it takes to become a successful person in business. This is not a book for anyone looking for the latest get-rich-quick scheme — Mann, the founder of, is quite upfront in his theory that long hours and personal sacrifice are key ingredients to business success. His idea, however, is that you can frontload those hours — by committing extensive time and resources to your career in the beginning years of a job/venture/business, you can reap more rewards with less effort in later years.

“In the first chapter of this short, easy-to-digest book, Mann outlines some other key personality traits to succeed in business, including confidence, attention to detail, a competitive drive, and the capability to multitask. Subsequent chapters dive into different areas of the business world, from the impact of the Internet on global business to human resources best practices.

“Though MakeMillions.Com is a relatively short book, and written in a very conversational, user-friendly tone, there is so much information covered that the casual reader may get overwhelmed. It might have been better if the book had been broken up visually into more easily digestible chunks, or even if there was a planner companion, with a paragraph or two to read and consider each day.

“Either way, this is not necessarily a book that needs to be read in chronological order — so readers should feel free to jump back and forth to the areas of the book that best serve their current interests. (For example, the third chapter, “Best Practices as Weapons” could be useful to managers of any type, regardless of whether they’re planning to go into business for themselves.)

“Many ideas Mann covers in this book seem common-sense, but any current worker could tell you they often fall by the wayside in American business environments. Among those basic ideas include the importance of delegation, investing in your business model versus cutting costs for short-term profits, firing workers who clearly deserve it, and the importance of continual change and efficiency improvements in the workplace.

“I would recommend MakeMillions.Com for current and future small business owners, students starting out, middle managers looking to break out, or anyone who’s feeling stifled or unfulfilled by their current career standings. I personally plan to share the book with a close friend who just this week was deciding on a potential career change.”
-Jennifer King


“This is definitely a solid read. It’s not too far fetched yet not too realistic to the point where you have self-doubts. Chapter 1 is a great start to the book with a very meaningful title such as “Go for the Gold”. Often times when we want something, we do not chase it hard enough. Mike Mann does a great job at setting a tone for creating a motivation mentally. It’s always hard to start something and keep the motivation going. Sometimes, that means sacrificing time, sacrificing sleep to get to where you need to go financially. I think he also does a great job with the whole input and output description. In this case, he gives two examples: working hard which is definitely needed to keep up with everything. The second example is working smarter, which is learning how to use the best practices to get the best results. Both tactics are very effective. These are all things one should know when running a business, but he keeps it very simple and very attainable. He gives some great thoughts on how even though non profit and for profit businesses are different, they can be very similar. The same work ethic and hustle you put into the for profit business, you should put in the non profit business. I also believe that integrity is another great thing he goes into. Keeping your word as he puts it, is very essential to keeping your customers or workers and building good synergy. Positive energy feeds into positive energy. Negativity feeds into negativity. It’s always good to have a positive working environment, and that builds a more productive/happy environment. Incentives are also good for adding more of a positive working environment, which helps the company out by building a faster turn out rate leading to faster monetary gain. This book is well worth it to buy. I highly recommend it due to the details and the practicality of information that is usable for all types of businesses.”
-”Kid” Uprock


“I just finished reading this book and found it to be a great book about business for ordinary every-day people. The frequent short paragraph format allows this to become a handy reference book. I run a small non-profit, so I was especially interested in how Mike’s business acumen applies as well to non-profit management. It’s refreshing to read a business book that remembers your real life, encouraging you to turn to an eventual goal of non-profit to benefit the communities around you. I found it easy to read and absorb and will be referring to it frequently in the days ahead.”
-A. Shiley


“Authenticity is a rare commodity today. Globalization and technology permeates every facet of our lives challenging the ways we conduct our businesses and personal lives, and ultimately driving us to change some of those ways. The choice is simple, change or be left behind. Yet, even with all this change, never has the need for authenticity been greater. We still want and need authenticity. We want the “Real Deal”.

“MakeMillions.Com is just that. Don’t let the title mislead you. This is not a book about how to make a million dollars while you sit at your computer in your pajamas. This is a book that tells you success in business means you will make sacrifices and work long hours; and those hours will add up to years, rather than days, before you realize success.

“If you are looking for shortcuts or secrets to success, you won’t find them in this book. What you will find are principles and strategies utilized by nearly every successful business. Add in a splash of some age-old wisdom useful in both business and our personal lives. Make no mistake, author Mike Mann makes no claims otherwise, “There are few secrets in business; nothing is hidden from you . . . Throughout this guide, I will take well-established and proprietary business concepts and explain them in clear language.”

“Whether you are a business owner, or someone looking to start a business, or just looking for a book that offers more than hype and empty promises, MakeMillions.Com, is the “Real Deal”.”
-Robbie Simone


“I wish I had read this sooner!

“Mike Mann’s MakeMillions.Com book is beautifully written in easy simple to read language that is accessible to the masses. I am in a position of leadership in a local Ghost Hunting Society and we were going through the daunting processes of trying to incorporate so that we could take donations … if only we had had this book!

“We had the “personal investment” and “long term passion” but Mike’s suggestion of running a charity like we would operate a for profit business. They didn’t seem to go hand and hand until reading this book. He presents a straight forward and commonsensical plan to make your dream come alive!

“I was most shocked by his suggestion that in order to do this you should quit your full-time job after determining a plan, writing it up and securing basic financing. That was something that I would NEVER have considered before reading this book. He makes the wonderful point that when you’re chasing your dream, you can’t do it on a part-time basis!

“Everything you need is in this one book. It’ll talk you through how to hire a lawyer and why it’s important, why you shouldn’t shortchange the design of your logo and slogan and more. On pg. 44 he even takes you step by step through how to properly incorporate and legally operate your business. A wonderful appendix is included that lists and explains profitable sayings and provides an extensive resource list.

“I’d say this is a must have book for anyone looking to start the business they’ve always dreamed of!”


“From the moment I started reading “MakeMillions.Com: Secrets to Business and Personal Success” I knew I was in store for something real and legitimate. Often entrepreneur books lead readers on wayward stories of get rich quick and fantasy salaries. This book is real and the advice is sound. I felt motivated and prepared after reading this book. I can feel the warrior building inside me to keep moving and achieving my goals. This book is like having a one on one conversation with a millionaire and getting honest answers on just how he did it. I can’t wait to share this with my colleagues.”
-Sarah Six


“I actually purchased this book back in October after having started my own business in retail online sales. I have to admit I was clueless about running a business and became frustrated beyond belief rather quickly. I did not read the book at first, it was on a day I was to aggravated to even think about doing work that I picked up the book. I was skeptical at first but after around fifteen minutes of reading I lost my skepticism and really started to focus on what I was reading.

“The book is easy to read and explains things in a way that even clueless people like me can understand. This is always a bonus. I always hate walking away from a book scratching my head. If you want to know how to start a business, or if you already have one but need some help this is the book for you.

“One of my weaker areas has always been communication. This book has great information to help you communicate both in business and for me even my personal life. Being an effective and assertive communicator is a must for a successful business and I was able to make myself a cheat sheet to use when calling potential wholesale clients. Because of this book I now have five which is a far cry from the zero I had before. When people sense that you are unsure of yourself and your product they also feel unsure and probably will not buy from you. The book also helps you learn to deal with failure, which is a normal part of life and something we need to be able to learn from and move past.

“I would recommend this book to everyone as it is a great and educational read. If you are already successful and know the basics it may not be a book for you as it is more geared towards people without much knowledge in these areas, but it could be good to help brush up on the basics.”
-Brandy Sullivan


“I know your message is one that will help a lot of people…definite words of wisdom in there….your intentions are honest and noble.”
-Ishita Gupta, Publisher of Fear.less Magazine


“Love the book. Great Insight!!”
-Michael Politz, Editor in Chief,


“An outstanding book.”
-Steve Morales, CEO of the


“I’ve admired your work and contributions for ages.”
-Ira Zoot, Owner,


“Mann’s book is a very interesting read.”
-Ron Jackson, Editor and Publisher of DN Journal


“This is an informative, thoughtful, well-organized book. Truly this title will prove invaluable for anyone looking to create, grow, market and manage a business. Regardless of where the reader is in his/her professional time-line, MM&MC has something for them. That “something” will most certainly help to build a business on a firm foundation, market effectively, hone their mission, surround themselves with the most talented people and avoid financial black holes. And all of this while fostering the ability to create positive change on the planet.

“MM & MC is sort of a best-friend, mentor, internet marketing guru, business template and marketing treasure chest–rolled into an easy to absorb package. From SEO to cautionary tales–complete and clear. If you wait one, five or ten years to add this book to your professional development library, when you do, you’ll find yourself saying… “I wish I had this book 1,5, 10 years ago!”

– Rena M. Reese, Founder, Soul Salon International


“After reading an earlier draft version of this book a couple years ago I was blown away. The information given is really priceless and can be transformed into an advanced business school course. I recently read the final version and found it impossible not to implement the ideas in my current business practices. I highly recommend any entrepreneur or business owner to read this book and incorporate the practices.”

-B. Wells


“If you have not read this book, you should. As a college instructor, if I were teaching business (instead of psychology), I would instruct my students to read “MakeMillions.Com: Secrets to Business and Personal Success” as part of the required supplemental readings for the business courses I taught. It is an easy read and full of brilliant ideas and facts, written by the “Mann” himself.

“I picked up the book and could not put it down, until I was finished reading it. So, what does that say? As usual, I read the last parts of the book first (like I always do). I started with “About the Author” then I read the “Appendix” and completely read the final chapter, “Chapter Seven.” Since that was all good, I read the remainder of the book, from the beginning. Mike Mann’s book is entertaining and effortless to read. It just flows.

“I must say I am impressed with Mike Mann’s writing skills and business acumen . I learned so much from this one book and I have been in business for twenty years. I thought I had read practically every business book ever written. Move over Peters, Robbins, and Ziglar. The “Mann” is in the house!”

– Gayle Hall, BA, MS, ABD – Psychology Professor, Trinity River Campus


“Mike Mann demonstrates how success in business and success in life form a virtuous circle. He imparts the wisdom he’s gained through success in profit and non-profit ventures and provides clear guidance on what works and why. He demystifies the differences between average and highly successful business leaders and outlines how to reach the top in any business venture.
This book is a well-written, generalized business guide; jam packed with proven techniques for business success at any stage, from brainstorming to polish. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I found it particularly useful as it provides an overview of critical tasks and likely obstacles encountered during the establishment of any business. Mann explains the value of confidence, hard work, and timing. He explains how to find good ideas, plan your success, leverage economies of scale, streamline your processes, protect your interests, build a team, market, sell, contribute, and so much more! There is so much wisdom and material included; the author should have organized it further into a more logical format, for easier reference. Be sure to read the entire book or you might miss relevant info on a previous topic. More real world examples, particularly in the first half of the book would have also helped to illustrate and justify otherwise abstract and generalized principles. All in all, a fantastic survey of proven business strategy. This is a must read for anyone serious about leading in business.”

-Jerry M.


“I have found the book to be full of practical ways to think about business. Even for a seasoned entrepreneur, I’ve found myself stopping at key points and reminding myself that some of the business challenges I face are because I’m ignoring the foundation.”
-George Pickering, CEO of


“Good book, practical guide to starting a business.”
-Richie Hecker, Entrepreneur,

“I found your thoughts spot on. It shows real world experience vs. the standard business textbook theory that is all too common.”
-Clint Page,


“Thanks for the gift… Great info.”
-Bruce Tedeschi,


“I’ll place it far right on my bookshelf to where it will be reserved for three books only. The bible, The Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell, and more than a great possibility, this.”
-Robert Evans, Developer, Vanister webMedia


“MakeMillions.Com is a great primer for how to run a business. So many people have the idea, but success lies in execution. The clear and candid advice clearly comes from doing and Mike makes it easy to imagine yourself in his shoes. I got a lot out of this book and look forward to implementing his ideas into my businesses.”
-Chris Schultz,


“Mike’s book is wonderful. It easily illustrates everything I had to do to start my business. The book hits a chord with people out there who have hopes and dreams: the hopes and dreams of starting a business, of being independent, and under their own control. There are more people out there who want to start a business then there are people in business. This hopeful dreamer, the untouched entrepreneur, is one of the prime audiences for Mike’s book.”
-Steve Harris, CEO,


“He has written an outstanding book called, ‘MakeMillions.Com’ I started reading it last night and have not been able to stop. It has energized my business thought process and reinforced social conduct. The book contains a wealth of knowledge and is easy to read. It is a must-read for all domainers and established business owners, old and new. This book challenges you to think outside of the box and delivers content that can assist you in becoming successful if it is applied in your everyday business affairs.

“Knowledge leads to success in everything in life. How many times have you ever heard of someone becoming a huge success with no knowledge? It almost never happens, and when books like this come along, they open new doors as you apply what they have to offer. Professional growth is essential if you want to reach or sustain success.

“There are 5 human needs in life. What is not growing is surely dying. The most successful people in the world are consistently educating themselves to conquer their competition. I recommend this book to all newcomers and established business professionals.”
-Steve Morales, Founder and CEO of the LLC Network


“It is difficult for anyone to miss how talented and hard working Mike is. A class act to follow and a great individual. It has been a privilege to know him.”
-Roland Buck, Chief Editor,


“Michael is the most confident, self-assured, and driven business executive and serial entrepreneur I know. His success at BuyDomains was the result of assembling a great team, maintaining their focus, and working long, working hard, and working smartly from the day the company was founded until it was sold.”
-Mark Gross, Director,


“Mike is prolific. The companies he envisions are groundbreaking and he leads them to brilliant execution. His grand plans to save the world are even more stunning.”
-Miles Fawcett, Owner, Urban Alarm


“Mike is a driven visionary. He had a unique ability to lead people through the clutter to obtain goals many believed were unobtainable. I strongly recommend that people listen carefully to his vision for the future.”
-Ted Rose, MBA, CPA, President, Rose Financial Services


“He’s a highly successful entrepreneur, a driven venture capitalist and a motivated philanthropist the likes of which I have never met before.”
-Daniel Vivarelli, President & Co-founder,


“Mike has both intense focus and broad vision. His efforts with are the model of ‘giving back.’”
-John Kosciusko, Officer, Aon Consulting


“I have the highest regard and respect for the charitable work that Michael endorses and initiates. There are a lot of people blowing smoke out there, but Michael puts his money where his mouth is, and he has helped countless people along the path he has chosen. Also, he is a brilliant businessman, and no one can out-negotiate the MANN! I strongly recommend reading his book “MakeMillions.Com” – it’s a fantastic business model for setting the world on fire and giving back some of what you get.”
-Juli Silver Green, Staff Writer, Modern Domainer Magazine


“Mike Mann is the most dangerous person you will ever encounter in business! Luckily, he’s focused on doing good, and every time he wins in business, it means a win for charity. I’m proud to be on the Board of Mike’s charity, It uses all of his best practices and leverages technology in order to bring about a better future for everyone.”
-Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, Co-Founder,


“A first-class, hard-charger, guerrilla marketer, dealmaker, who has boundless energy and a constant pursuit of perfection.”
-Adam Steinback, Senior eBusiness Consultant