Applied Evolution

Why do people behave the way they do and what can be done about it? Can we use this information to “save the world”? In this modest book I intend to completely answer these questions, and confidently move us forward together in the right direction. This book, Applied Evolution – Leveraging Natural Selection and Human…

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Mike Mann

Mike Mann is the founder and chairman of Grassroots.org a 501(c)(3) global network that provides free services to non-profits and promotes social action. He also founded and manages Make Change! Trust, a charitable fund that supports select 501(c)(3) organizations.   Mike is also the founder of several successful, active, for-profit corporations. Three of these corporations were listed among…

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Book Reviews

“Most especially thanks for giving us both your book “MakeMillions.com”. I read it from cover to cover on the flight to Tokyo and found it incredibly inspiring – in fact it is now covered with highlighted passages and post it notes. I have sent the ISBN ref to a number of friends as a recommendation…

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